Restaurants to Visit – or ‘Things to Do’ Updated!

We are spending the next few months in and around the Stellenbosch/Cape Town area and will be eating out, going out for drinks, going to markets, music events etc as much as possible. At the moment we go out for lunch and/or dinner 2-3 times per week and I will be reviewing the restaurants we go to; bars and other events are more spur of the moment but I will review these as well. Continue reading

Reflections on ‘Bloggers Bootcamp’ – Book Review

As I am a fledgling blogger, I need all the help and advice I can get while starting out. To that end I am currently reading a book (pdf really) called ‘Bloggers Bootcamp’ in order to learn about blogging and how to improve my writing. The book gives handy tips on how to approach the whole blogging thing and how to think in blogging terms. Basically it gives a broad overview of the skills you’ll need to become a blogger, although they are quite focused on teaching people how to make money from blogging. The authors are both successful bloggers and have been making a living out of blogging for many years – so it can be done!

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Helena’s Restaurant – a gem in the historic heart of Stellenbosch

On a slightly windy and very hot Stellenbosch day at the start of the University year, we decided to venture into town for some lunch. After checking out various options and realising how busy all the restaurants were, we opted for Helena’s Restaurant in Dorp Street. Despite some unexpected load shedding (basically an electricity outage for non-South Africans!) we were seated straight away at a lovely table outside facing onto Dorp Street. Helena’s Restaurant is the restaurant attached to and serving Coopmanhuijs, which is a small boutique hotel and spa popular with foreign travellers.

Helena's Restaurant
Helena’s Restaurant

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