Emo Adams at Oude Libertas

Last night a big group of us went to see Emo Adams at Oude Libertas in Stellenbosch. The Oude Libertas is a great venue and if you’ve never been you should seriously consider going! Every year they offer a summer programme with a huge variety of acts, ranging from classical music to more popular, modern music and we always try and attend some of the events if possible. Check out the remaining events for this year: here. The venue sells wine, cider and soft drinks and you can either pay full price to get a seat in the amphitheatre or have a picnic on the grass behind the amphitheatre. We had seats in row G which is quite far back but as it is such a small and intimate venue it doesn’t really matter where you sit as you always have a good view of the stage and performance. I’ve included some pictures of the venue that I took before the show started though I didn’t take any pictures after of Emo and the band as recordings and flash photography are banned.

Oude Libertas Feb 2015
Oude Libertas Feb 2015
Oude Libertas Feb 2015
Oude Libertas Feb 2015
Oude Libertas Feb 2015
Oude Libertas Feb 2015
Oude Libertas Feb 2015
Oude Libertas Feb 2015

Just after 18:30 Emo’s band, Take Note appeared on the stage, very snazzily dressed in black suits and skinny ties. They introduced a guest artist who did a few songs and had an amazing voice – just a shame I didn’t make a note of her name – I will have to try harder! After that Emo came out on stage like a ball of energy and bounced around while singing his tunes. The crowd absolutely loved him and his music and songs were clearly well known by the audience, lots of whom were singing along to the words. It is kind of hard to explain an Emo Adams show if you don’t know his music or is act, but all I can say it that it is very enjoyable and energetic and leaves you with a happy feeling at the end of the night – though the wine may have something to do with it as well! Emo really is very talented and covers a variety of songs and styles while dancing and throwing shapes throughout. The band is really good as well and the interaction between Emo and the band members is natural and entertaining to watch – not to even mention the interaction between Emo and the audience! He was constantly chatting to the audience or drawing attention to individuals in the crowd, much to everyone’s delight of course! Towards the end of the show he pulled four people out of the audience who were having their birthdays and made them dance along to Shosholoza..while assuring the foreigners in the crowd that all South Africans were born with rhythm in our ‘CNA’ and that we can all dance ‘African’! Earlier on in the show Emo asked for a show of hands to see how many overseas visitors were in the audience and there was a surprising amount – though with the show and music mostly in Afrikaans it is debatable how much they actually understood! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and even Brian found it really good, even though he understood very little of the stories or banter that Emo is so famous for.

It was a great night at the Oude Libertas, and made even better by the early dinner/late lunch we had in Carina’s garden, consisting of home made pizzas, wine and beer!


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