The New Blue Orange – Dependable as Ever!

The Blue Orange is a coffee shop/restaurant in Dorp Street in Stellenbosch and it is pretty much a fixture in the town. Now called The New Blue Orange, I’ve been visiting this place since I was a student many, many moons ago (though I refuse to say how many years ago!). We decided to have breakfast there this morning as we keep driving past and the colourful tables under the oak trees look so welcoming and tranquil. Today is another scorcher so sitting under the trees proved to be a good idea. We sat out in the front and watched the usual throng of tourists and students walking by while having lovely fresh orange juice and coffee. The New Blue Orange has some tables outside in the front as well as tables inside, but best of all an amazing garden in the back with lots of space and even some chickens! The quiet back garden looks like the kind of place you could stay all day and with free WiFi on offer it looked like quite a few people were already thinking along those lines.
The New Blue Orange Outside on Dorp Street

The New Blue Orange Back Garden

Breakfast isn’t generally the most exciting meal to review as options are more limited than for lunch or dinner, so I am not going to write an extensive review. The Blue Orange offers the standard breakfast fare, with healthier options and some less healthier options. We both settled on omelettes; mine with bacon, mushroom, tomato and feta, and Fishop’s with cheese only. Service was good and drinks and food arrived promptly and the omelettes were, well, omelettes. It is kind of hard to wax lyrical about egg dishes but the omelettes were perfectly fine with generous fillings and we were happy enough to eat them. The main menu contains classics such as bobotie, lasagna and lamb shank as well as lighter options like salads and sandwiches or spuds. The menu isn’t particularly different or inspiring but at the end of the day standard dishes done well are better than more interesting dishes done badly. An interesting touch was the way they present their menus inside old books – though mine probably shouldn’t have come in a cookbook as I spent more time looking at the recipes than deciding on my breakfast order! I can’t tell you what makes the Blue Orange the ‘New’ Blue Orange as it is pretty similar to the way I remember it, but I’m happy to say that it is still a ‘staatmaker’ and dependable choice amongst the dearth of options on offer in Stellenbosch.

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