Hussar Grill Stellenbosch – All about the Meat!

  • Good for: Steak, Game, Consistent Quality
  • Cost: R150-200/pp
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Contact Details: 23 Plein Street, +27 (0) 21 882 8088, Web & Menu

We went to the Hussar Grill on Valentine’s day but I never posted a review as I didn’t take pictures and frankly, I just wanted to enjoy myself and not think too much about what to post or how critical I need to be about food and service. We did have a very good meal then, even though I don’t have photographic evidence – and I even wore an LBD!

We went back for lunch this week as I really wanted to try the burgers at Hussar Grill, and as a massive improvement on Valentine’s, we weren’t freezing sitting outside but rather boiling as it was another scorcher in Stellenbosch! Service was just ok this time round rather than great, but we didn’t have too long to wait for menus and drinks as lunchtime doesn’t seem to be that busy. Knowing the items on the menu and going with the mission of trying the burger meant that ordering was quick and painless. Fishop ordered his burger without any condiments on the bun or burger as usual, and we both ordered the burger medium. Different from a lot of other places, the Hussar Grill offers their burgers plain, with the option of a sauce, rather than lots of different burger toppings that make them sound more like a pizza than a burger.

Burgers arrived presented on a wooden board, something that EVERYONE seems to be doing these days and something I’m not overly fond of – why can restaurants not just be a bit more creative with their presentation?! Fishop’s burger of course turned out the have salad dressing on the burger, despite assurances that there would be nothing on the burger other than salad leaves and tomato. It wasn’t too big a deal however and we didn’t feel like waiting for another order so he did the old ‘scraping things off that you don’t like’ that he is starting to get very used to in South Africa! Burgers tasted great and you could taste the quality of the meat (it’s all about the meat!), even though they were slightly dry and not quite medium. You also get a great big pile of very tasty fries and my blue cheese sauce was very good – even though I just used it as a dipping sauce for my fries! With my curiosity now satisfied, I can report that the burger at the Hussar Grill is very good indeed, and a good option for lunch – though I would probably always go for their steak in future as it is just so good!

Ambience – 4/5
Service – 3/5
Food – 4/5
Value – 4/5

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