Towerbosch – What a Feast!

I’ve been eyeing up the Towerbosch Sunday Country Feast for ages, and when I saw that Luna Paige and Gerald Clarke would be doing their Lovemore show there last Sunday I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to go and check it out. I booked well in advance to make sure we got a table and we turned up early on the day to make sure we could get some pictures. Lunch starts at twelve and shortly after twelve most people were there to enjoy the Sunday Country Feast. The tables under the shade of the trees, all decked out with flowers and laid with interesting bits of vintage crockery creates a lovely and inviting atmosphere.

Service throughout the event was swift and the waiters were all really helpful and friendly. Knorhoek wines and sparkling wines are served, as well as beer for the beer drinkers amongst us. After walking around and taking some pictures for a little while, we sat down and our friendly waiter came over to explain the menu of the day, and it sounded amazing! The menu made my mouth water, and if you are a fan of a proper Sunday roast then this menu will definitely suit you. I was very glad I skipped breakfast looking at what was to come!

The Sunday Country Feast at Towerbosch is a three course set menu and food is brought to your table on platters so you can serve yourselves and sit back and relax while waiting for the next course to arrive. We started with some bread and ‘korrel konfyt’ or grape jam, which was swiftly followed by the starter, a salad of tomato, anchovy, pickled onion and mozzarella. The salad was nicely presented and the ripe tomato worked very well with the mozzarella and great quality anchovies. After the starter followed quite a long lull while we waited for Lovemore to start. It wasn’t clear when the show would start but eventually we found out that they would only start at 2pm so we had a fair bit of time to wait! It wasn’t too big a deal though, and we relaxed under the trees with another bottle of wine. By the time the main course arrived I was clearly too hungry to take any pictures of the tastefully dished up platters of food as the only pictures I have are of my already half-eaten meal (or maybe the extra bottle of wine was to blame)! My pictures definitely don’t do the food justice; the lamb was large chunks of slow roasted tender meat, the sirloin was nicely pink and incredibly tasty, the aubergines were grilled just right and the cauliflower gratin balanced perfectly – not too rich but also not too healthy! The only thing I didn’t eat was of course the rocket salad as I can’t stand the stuff!

Gerald and Luna then started their show and I loved the music, despite some rather rude people behind us who kept laughing and talking really loudly throughout large parts of the show – why you book to come and see a show and then show no interest in it I really can’t say?! During the break in the show dessert was served and I can tell you I was swooning! Despite already being very full the roasted quince with a trace of rose and rosewater cream was absolutely amazing and I could have carried on eating it all day. My portion was particularly good, with the quince almost turning into a jelly at the bottom of my bowl and it was just lush – the perfect finish to a Sunday lunch. Lovemore concluded after dessert, with a Jack White cover song being my favourite, and all that remained for the rest of the day was a nice, long afternoon nap!
Towerbosch is often used as a wedding venue, and it is easy to see why. The venue is very prettily decorated with interesting features and thatched roofs everywhere. The inside space is decorated with vintage cups and plates and the restrooms are really, really cute (not a word I use often!). Outside there is what appears at first to be a pond, but which turned out to be a swimming pool in which kids were happily splashing away throughout lunch. The Country Feast is clearly very popular, but Towerbosch also serves lunch Wednesday to Friday, with classics like lamb shank, beef sirloin and mussels on the menu, and judging from the quality of the meal we had on Sunday, lunch on any day would be a good call. The only slight niggle which kept this from being the perfect Sunday lunch, was the 10% service charge which was added to our entire bill; this wasn’t mentioned anywhere that I can see, and though I generally leave a 10% tip, I feel this should still be optional rather than compulsory. All in all a brilliant day out though, and I am looking forward to going back for lunch sometime!

Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 5/5
Value – 4/5

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