Beyerskloof and the Famous Pinotage Burger

  • Good for: Pinotage Burger, Veranda, Breakfast
  • Cost: R150-200/pp (incl drinks)
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Contact: +27 (0) 21 865 2685 Web

Over the last few months I’ve done extensive research and spoke to countless people about which restaurants to visit in and around Stellenbosch, and I’ve gathered a LOT of information. I happened upon Beyerskloof’s restaurant, Red Leaf, and their famous Pinotage Burger by chance when a friend mentioned that they went there for lunch and that I should give it a try. When we were looking for somewhere to have lunch earlier this week I remembered his advice and off we went to find the famous burger!

Beyerskloof is just outside Stellenbosch on the way to the N1 and signposted very clearly if you know what you’re looking for. I’ve driven past hundreds of times before but never really took much notice of the sign until we went there for lunch. Driving up the dirt track I didn’t have very high expectations but once we arrived at the restaurant and saw the view and lovely veranda any doubts were dispelled. We were welcomed warmly and given a table right at the front of the ‘stoep’ and immediately felt at home.

Wine is unfortunately only available by the bottle, but at R50/bottle this doesn’t matter too much and you can take unfinished wine home with you. Fishop had his usual beer while I settled in with a bottle of Chenin Blanc while deciding what to eat. Of course someone had to have the famous Pinotage Burger, so Fishop decided to be that someone. I had to go for the Prawns and Pork Belly as it sounded like an interesting combination, and I love pork belly. Red Leaf has a fairly small menu, but there should be something for most people, with smaller meals and tapas style bites, to larger meals of steak and pork belly.

Our food arrived and the Pinotage Burger came as promised with onion marmelade, which is where the Pinotage comes in as I understand it. To me the burger patty didn’t taste homemade, not that the menu states it is, but it is kind of what I expect these days when I order a burger (I may of course be wrong about the origins of the burger!). The chips were more like potato wedges and I really enjoyed them. The Prawns and Pork Belly was indeed interesting, though I’m not sure that the prawns added much to the dish. The pork belly was very nice and tender, with a good jus, but the puree of great peas really stood out and was very more-ish. It was a perfectly good dish, with my only issue being that I would have liked some sort of potato with the pork belly, but then I am a big potato lover so this may just be a personal preference.

We had a good meal at the Red Leaf restaurant and could happily have spent all afternoon sitting on the veranda sipping on a drink. One thing that strikes you is how quiet it is on the veranda even though you are still quite close to a very busy road. While the Pinotage Burger won’t go down as famous in my book and won’t draw me back, the laid back vibe and veranda very well might!

Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Value: 3/5

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