Guardian Peak – Finally Dining at the Peak!

  • Good for: Steak, Bistro Style Food, Views
  • Cost: R150-250/pp (incl Drinks)
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Contact: Hidden Valley, +27 (0)21 881 3899, Web

Last night we finally managed to dine at Guardian Peak, after trying unsuccessfully a couple of times before (once my fault, once their fault). This time we went for a special occasion as it was the gorgeous young engineer’s graduation yesterday so we had something special to celebrate! Guardian Peak is in Hidden Valley and has beautiful views, so we made sure we arrived at the restaurant with enough time to catch the last of the light in order to get some nice pictures.

The restaurant is smart and modern but fairly understated, with glass surrounding the dining area on three sides and making the most of the views and the natural light. In the main restaurant area there is also a bar/tasting area with more mountain and vineyard views and a couple of comfy looking couches and fire place (perfect for winter!). Though they don’t serve dinner outside a few people were having drinks outside on the terrace, despite the evening being decidedly chilly!

Guardian Peak’s website states that ‘The focus of the a la carte menu is on serving unpretentious bistro style food with an emphasis on prime-quality steaks’ and this is indeed reflected in the menu options, with classics like Confit Duck Leg and Crispy Pork Belly alongside an extensive steak menu. Last night we had a table for ten but nobody opted for starters, deciding rather to jump straight into the main courses. It is always nice to dine out with a big group of people as many more options from the menu get ordered and I can then have a look at everyone else’s food as well! Between the ten of us we had: three steaks (one a 500g Sirloin!), Fish of the Day, Salmon, Pork Belly, Confit Duck, Beef Espitada and two burgers. We had a few bottles of very nice wine as well as some celebratory champagne, though Fishop wasn’t catered for as they don’t serve any BEER!
Service throughout the evening was swift and friendly, but laid back enough to not be bothersome. Our main courses arrived without a hitch or mix-ups or anything being late, which is always good for a table of ten people. The restaurant was pretty much full as well, with only one table empty, but they seem to have enough staff to ensure tables are well taken care of. As usual I didn’t take many pictures of food due to not wanting to use my flash, but I couldn’t resist photographing the 500g steak and my Confit Duck.

Food all round was perfectly nice and presented nicely, though not overly fussily. The burgers looked and tasted very nice and everyone who had the steak really enjoyed their meat. The rest of the meals were pleasant enough, rather than outstanding or particularly sensational, but not disappointing in any way. If there is one complaint it would be that the medium steak was slightly undercooked, while the medium well was overcooked, but these were not big enough niggles to send food back about. My duck was very nice and a perfect portion size though not mind blowing. For dessert we had a couple of cheesecakes, which was very good, a chocolate brownie which was ok, and a cheese plate. For me the highlight of the evening was probably the cheese plate – the cheese came very nicely presented with good choices of cheese and it just rounded off my meal perfectly (but then I am very partial to a nice bit of cheese!). Guardian Peak is well worth visiting, especially for their steaks and views and I will definitely be back – but I’ll be sure to book before I go!

Ambience: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Value: 3.5/5

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