Slow Market at Oude Libertas – Picture Review

Markets seem to be very ‘in’ in South Africa, or at least in the Cape Town/Winelands region where we live. Every weekend you’ll find hundreds of people flocking to various markets and I have to confess I don’t always understand it. Sure, they generally sell interesting food, clothes and crafts. Some have live music. Some have good views and great outdoors spaces where kids can run around and the whole family can enjoy themselves.
Most of them have issues with finding parking and being too popular, meaning you have to queue for food and drinks. I am not fond at all of waiting for anything and my impatience is probably my biggest flaw, meaning me and markets are not an ideal mix. We are lucky however to have the Slow Market practically on our doorstep, meaning we can walk there so no need to hunt for parking, and if you get there early-ish you don’t have to queue for anything! The Slow Market is on at the Oude Libertas every Saturday from 9:00 – 14:00, and they sell food, beer, wine, crafts, clothes, books etc. Food is well represented, with offerings from around the world, including Sushi, Chinese and Belgian food, as well as various types of meat, drinks, flowers and baking. I always enjoy an amble around the Slow Market so join me walking around the market with my pictures below.

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