Carne – Kloof Street

  • Good for: Meat, Meat, Meat
  • Cost: R150-250/pp
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Contact: 153 Kloof Street, +27 (0)21 426 5566, Web, Email

For dinner we had a reservation at the (fairly) recently opened branch of Carne in Kloof Street, just around the corner from our guest house. It was a VERY hot day in Cape Town and it was stiflingly hot inside the restaurant. This was one evening we really could have done with sitting outside! Carne on Kloof is quite a small restaurant with limited seating so you are well advised to book – it was packed even on a Monday night. The interior is modern but not cold, and I liked the blonde wood tables and bar area where you can have a drink and dine as well. The restaurant specialises in meat with an Italian twist and you’ll find Antipasti and Pasta on the menu alongside the meat.
Carne’s prices are not available online and from the way people talk about the restaurant I was expecting it to be ridiculously expensive, but I was pleasantly surprised. Rump and Sirloin in 300g sizes were R140, which is pretty much what I’m used to paying (though you have to order side dishes separately). There are more expensive and bigger cuts but nobody is forcing you to eat a ridiculous sized steak that will set you back a lot of money. There are also some more¬†interesting items on the menu that you don’t commonly find in a ‘steak’restaurant, like pork and lamb steak, as well as Italian options. The wine list is extensive and I can see that this may add to the bill considerably! Service was good as you’d expect, with first water and then our wine and beer served swiftly. We were talked through the meat cuts and the specials board and quickly decided to go for Sirloin and Rump respectively. For sides I chose Steamed Tenderstem Broccoli and Fishop had Thin Cut Fries.
Unfortunately this is where the evening took a turn for the worse, though through no fault of Carne! Fishop started to feel unwell as soon as we received our meals and barely ate any of his steak before he had to go and outside for some fresh air. He pretty much stayed outside where it was cooler while I managed to polish off my rump and most of his sirloin as well. At least this gave me a very good opportunity to properly compare the two cuts, though it is still hard to say which one was best. The rump had a lot of flavour and was nice and tender with a lovely bit of crispy fat on the outside. The sirloin was somehow even more tender, though with a slightly different texture to the meat, and again with a lovely bit of fat. I have to say both cuts were amazing and I would happily go back to Carne to try out a wider variety of meals, or more of the same. The sides didn’t get ANY attention from me in this instance as I was making my way through almost 600g of meat! And I definitely shouldn’t have indulged in the amazing breadbasket and olives to the extent that I did! I left Carne very happy, though though very full, and it is a real shame that Fishop’s night was a bit of a disaster! Still, looking on the bright side it just means we’ll have to try Carne again sometime soon!
Sorry about the poor quality of pictures (again) but by now you probably all know how I hate using a flash in restaurants – as well as other people who do!

Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 5/5
Value: 4/5

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