96 Winery Road – Still Good!

  • Good for: Steak, Duck Pie
  • Cost: R150-250/pp (incl. Drinks)
  • Rating 4/5
  • Contact: Winery Road, +27 (0)21 842 2020, Web

96 Winery Road has been going for 19 years and I can still remember when it was a new and very popular restaurant in the Winelands. They may not be a new player on the restaurant scene anymore, but they are still very popular!
We visited 96 Winery Road on a chilly weekday for lunch and I was surprised by how many people were there for lunch. We didn’t book but we showed up early and fortunately they had a table for us. There was quite a range of people in attendance, ranging from retirees, to business people, to us youngsters! With a chill in the air the fire was very welcome while we checked out the menu and decided what to eat.

Since I’m still on a bit of a health kick it was soda water for me, and a beer for Fishop. The menu at 96 Winery Road is quite a serious affair, with many interesting options for starters and mains, but we were there for the steak and a quick lunch so didn’t try any of the starters (will go back for dinner at some point!!). Vegetarian options are fairly limited and vegans would go home pretty hungry. Fiship ordered a 250g Sirloin while I had the ’96’ Prime Beef Gourmet Burger. The burger comes in 250g or 500g version and sensibly I opted for the 250g version. The burger and 250g steak costs pretty much the same, but the burger is served with caramelised onions, black mushrooms, brie and a toasted, pesto rubbed ciabatta which makes this a substantial meal.
96 Winery Road is well known for its high quality steak and didn’t disappoint on this occasion. Fishop’s steak was well cooked and full of flavour and he was happy with his choice. My burger was very, very tasty with the patty cooked to a nice char on the outside, and nice and pink inside. Personally I can’t stand pesto and I don’t think it adds anything to the burger. I feel the same about the cheese and onions really – though they taste good the burger is more than capable of holding its own in terms of taste and flavour. We both enjoyed our meals and left the restaurant full and satisfied! Some people would say that the decor in the restaurant is a bit dated, but I think you should just look at it as a restaurant that serves good, honest food in a rustic and laid back environment. If you expect fine dining and fiddly food you are probably better off going somewhere else.
(The pictures below don’t do the food justice as it was a bit dark in the restaurant!)

On a side note – 96 Winery Road is also quite famous for its Gatriles Duck and Cherry Pie. The table next us all had the pie, which looked amazing, so it may be worth trying out!

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